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We provide home and commercial property inspection services for Northern Alberta. We show up at your property fully equipped and ready to go on the day you set. The inspection can take a few hours depending on the size of the property. After fully investigating the property we return to the office and create a full inspection report with pictures and discussion of any defects found or potential future issues with the property.

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certification is required for all home appliances that are wood burning such as fireplaces and fireplace inserts, or a wood burning stove. Fire is a danger to a properties safety and as such there are regulations that these appliances must meet in order to be certified for use. Issuing a WETT certification can only be done by a “WETT Certified Inspector” and requires a physical inspection of the appliance. Future Home Inspections is fully WETT certified and regularly preforms WETT inspections in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. If you have a wood burning fireplace or appliance and are not sure if it is WETT certified, or have concerns about it’s operation, give us a call and we can schedule an appointment that works for you.

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W.E.T.T Inspections

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Why Get A Home Inspection?

When searching for your new home, a fixer-upper project, or just a property to make rental income it can be tempting to skip a few steps to keep your costs low. However, a home inspection is something that should always be seriously considered for a number of reasons.

Every new property comes with its unknowns. Sure, you can setup a viewing and keep an eye out as you walk through to get a general idea of the properties condition. You may even find some defects or items that will need repair. However, the level of detail of a home inspection goes far beyond a visual survey of the home. When we inspect a home we are trained to notice things most are not, and we look at all parts of the home. Our licensing and inspection practices require us to check the interior, exterior, roof, basement, foundation, fireplace, attic, insulation, ventilation, windows, and all the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems. We check for moisture behind walls, signs of insect damage, CO2, and many other things a home viewing won’t reveal.

Another reason is to make sure you have all the correct information. In Canada sellers are required to disclose certain information about the property they are selling. Often sellers can provide insufficient information or even lie on the documents. A home inspection fills in the missing information and if we find that the seller has been lying about the property or find any undisclosed defects it can help you re-evaluate your purchase, or even renegotiate price.

Another great reason to get a home inspection with Future Home Inspections specifically is that we have partnered with InterNACHI to provide you with a Home Buy Back guarantee giving you ultimate peace of mind. If we miss anything in your inspection InterNACHI will buy back your home, no questions asked. You can learn more about the buy back program at

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